Friday, September 24, 2010

Nestlé Philippines Video: Wellness Exercise Reverse Woodchops

The following exercises were chosen on the basis of the body parts they will improve. Seven body parts were identified and two exercises were chosen per body part. These exercises may be performed one after the other, in sequence, during one training session, allowing a minute or two of rest in between sets, and around 2 to 3 minutes rest in between exercises. OR, in several bouts of one to two exercises per bout in a day or on consecutive days until all exercises in the roster are done, making one cycle of exercises. After which a new cycle of the exercises can be started.

It may also be done in circuit fashion, doing one set of each of the exercises, one after the other, without resting. Rest is only allowed after all exercises are done one set each. A two to three minute rest is then taken before starting a new circuit. Two to three circuits or sets maybe done.

For optimal gains, do two to three sets, two to three times weekly, on non-consecutive days. One may also choose to do a particular exercise more often if one wishes to emphasize on a particular body part.

Consistently doing the exercises will provide improvements to one's exercise and functional capacity. The exercises will be easier to do and gains will plateau. In this case, one may increase the number of repetitions by two repetitions each time until 20 repetitions per set is reached. After that, resistance may be increased by adding medicine balls to the movements, or in case they are already being used, wielding heavier and bigger medicine balls.

Since the exercises are of a light index of difficulty, a warm up is optional. If so desired, it may consist of a two to three minute walk, 10 to 15 knee bends, and eight to ten repetitions of single leg toe touches for each leg.


Reverse woodchops

• Start by lowering medicine ball towards the side of the right knee by twisting
trunk and bending both knees.
• All the while, maintain erect trunk position.
• In a single motion, stand up to tiptoe position while tracing a diagonal upward path toward above the left shoulder with the medicine ball.
• Make sure trunk stretch is full
• Return to the starting position.
• Do it eight times. Do both sides for two to three sets each.
• Make sure the downward movement is controlled and done twice as slow as the upward movement
• Inhale during the downward and recovery movement. Exhale during the upward and active movement
• Guard your back at all times
• Do eight to ten repetitions

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