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Win as ONE NESTLÉ (Former Chairman and CEO Nandu Nandkishore)

Welcome to our team of winners!” Chairman and CEO Nandu Nandkishore greeted the sharkforce, who, together with selected distributors and representatives of the BESTeams and Shared Service units, gathered for the first day plenary session of this year’s National Sales Kick-Off held at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza from January 31 to February 1, 2008.

For the first time in the history of Nestlé Philippines and consistent with this year’s Kick-Off theme of Winning as One, the sharkforce of the Ice Cream and Chilled Dairy joined their colleagues from Grocery Retail, Nestlé Nutrition, and Nestlé Professional for the 2008 National Sales Kick-off, with one theme and under one roof. The Sales Kick-off for Ice Cream and Chilled had traditionally been held separately in the past.

This, according to Nandu, is a demonstration of the NPI team’s commitment to win as one in 2008. “It is time to think and act as one. We have to help each other win as one. We have to help each other fix each other’s problems. A winning team leaves no one behind. A winning team wins as ONE!”

Fresh from the wins of 2007, the NPI sharkforce should make winning a habit, added Nandu. “Every single day, we have to win the equivalent of 20 million votes from our consumers! So let’s ask ourselves, ‘In every store, every day, what can I do to win?’ Let us continue to approach things with the hunger of a challenger, and walk away as hungry winners.”

He cited the success stories of Infant Nutrition, Ice Cream, and Nestlé Professional. “Infant Nutrition lost fire five years ago and is now back, exceeding targets. Ice Cream has been in deep touble, and has come back. Nestlé Professional cut its sales and SKUs by half and came back after middle of last year with 10% growth.”

The difference between winners and losers is attitude, he stressed. “If you believe you will win, you will win! This winning attitude will push us for a win in every store, with consumers and with customers.”

Well Done, Sharkforce!
Grocery National Sales Director Shahab Bachani commended the Sharkforce for a job well done in 2007. “Undoubtedly, 2007 was a great year for us, allowing us to achieve our targets despite the difficult business environment. In 2007, we have shown that we are a team that reached beyond. This is another proof that success can only be achieved if every member of the NPI team work together.”

Shahab also paid tribute to his predecessor, former Grocery National Sales Director Eugenio Simioni, who left Nestlé Philippines in September last year to head the Nestlé Group Audit in Switzerland. “This success would not have been possible without the leadership of Eugenio. Eugenio, this is because of your effort!”

He challenged the sharkforce to Win again, as One in 2008. “We have won in 2007, “but this is history now. It is 2008, and it is time to raise the bar and be best in class. Let us do this through flawless execution, by continuing to build on the basics, by making our products available, visible, and accessible, and through bigger and better programs. Sharkforce, in 2008, we have to win as ONE NESTLÉ

SOURCE: Nestle Family Balita (February 15, 2008)

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