Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wellness Expo Boosts Nestlé Philippines NHW Campaign

Nestlé Philippines, Inc. once again affirmed its advocacy of nutrition, health, and wellness (NHW) for Filipinos as it successfully mounted the I Choose Wellness Expo on July 3-4, 2010 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls 2 and 3.

Nearly 20,000 shoppers responded to the Company’s invitation to choose wellness, flocking to the expo venue where they enjoyed free admission to the nutrition, health, and wellness seminars, and to the many exciting wellness activities that simultaneously took place at different areas around the expo.

Some 5,510 consumers signed up for the I Choose Wellness passport program, which they can use to earn points as they work toward achieving their fitness goals and attend Nestlé activities, while a total of 7,123 consumers availed of the free Nutrition Counseling where they had their health indicators checked. In addition, 3,000 consumers signed up to become members of the Nestlé Club.

Now on its second year, the I Choose Wellness Expo is a major part of the Company’s continuing, longterm advocacy to promote nutrition, health and wellness to encourage consumers to take responsibility for lifestyle decisions that enhance good nutrition, health and wellness for themselves and their families. “Nestlé, through efforts such as the I Choose Wellness Expo, is championing nutrition, health and wellness for Filipinos as the only company with a range of products that serve the needs of people at all times of the day, through all stages of their lives, from childhood to adulthood,” said NPI Chairman and CEO John Miller in his opening remarks. “The heritage of Nestlé over the last 144 years has been built on providing consumers with products that are tasty, nutritious, and healthy. Nestlé brands are backed by the Company’s extensive research and development capabilities in health and food sciences as well as other related disciplines, which over the years have helped earn the confidence and trust of our consumers.”

Wellness in Different Parts of the House
This year’s I Choose Wellness Expo featured representations of different parts of a typical home where family members spend their time doing various activities and where Nestlé brands can serve as their nutrition, health and wellness partner. These rooms were: Living Room, Entertainment Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Girls’ Room, Boys’ Room, Ate’s Bedroom, Kids’ Playroom, Gym, Den, Lanai, Library, and Garage.

In the Living Room, NESCAFÉ kept consumers entertained with touch screen games and classic parlor games. In the Entertainment Room, NESTLÉ Fruit Selection Yogurt and KITKAT offered free photos and conducted contests that gave away exciting prizes to winners.

The Dining Room gave consumers the chance to experience SJORA products. NESTEA took up the Dining Room Extension, selling branded pitchers filled with free NESTEA drink. MAGGI and NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream reigned in the Kitchen, delighting consumers with cooking demos using Nestlé products.

The Girls’ Room was a sunny shade of NIDO yellow, where consumers were invited to Check the Label and test their skills in reviewing product labels. BEAR BRAND gave life to the Boys’ Room with games that incorporated learning. NESVITA Cereal Milk Drink took up Ate’s Bedroom with sampling and gave consumers the chance to get a free mug and a makeover through product purchases.

Families played to their hearts’ content in the Kids’ Playroom, with CHUCKIE and KOKO KRUNCH mascots joining them. In the Gym, MILO 3in1, NESVITA Pro-Bone, FITNESSE and LOW-FAT offered sampling and challenged consumers to Wii games and a biking game called Rolla Palooza.

NESTLÉ SORBETES saw countless consumers coming to the Den to try its interactive chroma screen dance activity, enticing them with samples of SORBETES along with BEAR BRAND Sterilized. COFFEEMATE was a hit at the Lanai with its photo booth, alongside BEAR BRAND Probiotic’s activities with free samples, NESCAFÉ RTD’s sampling and promos, NESVITA Pro-Heart’s free cholesterol check, and NUTREN’s nutrition counseling. NESTEA Fit and PURINA occupied the Garage area, where consumers had their photos taken with NESTEA Fit Hotties and signed up for free samples of ALPO and FRISKIES for their pets.

Consumers flocked to the Library to sign up for the Wellness Passbook program, a new feature of the Wellness Expo. Here they had their weight and height measured and their blood pressure checked.

These measurements were recorded in their Wellness Passbook to serve as their baseline data for pursuing their wellness goals.

Aside from touring the rooms and getting measured, consumers availed of the free Nutrition Counseling at the Counseling Area. A total of 20 nutritionists were on hand to give consumers expert advice on how to achieve their desired wellness goals through proper nutrition.

A selling area was also set up at the Expo where consumers bought Nestlé products. Total sales from the two-day affair, according to Corporate Wellness CMM Trixie Sia, amounted to almost PhP 250,000. According to Corporate Wellness Head Cora Sager, the I Choose Wellness Expo was designed as an enjoyable celebration for people from various walks of life, especially families, to enable them to explore the different ways in which they can pursue wellness in their lives. “We all have to realize that the quality of our wellness lies in our own hands. Only we can make the decisions and take the actions for ourselves that will determine the quality of our lives over the years,” said Cora.

SOURCE: Nestle Family Balita (July 30, 2010)

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